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Explore the dazzling culture, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine of the sun-soaked Mediterranean – from Italy’s Renaissance masterpieces to Greece’s colourful islands.

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The wonders of the Mediterranean are closer than you think – when you sail with us, we set off from Southampton. From then on, it’s a voyage of kaleidoscopic colour and flavour, ranging from Venice’s snake-like canals to the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands.

So what makes the Mediterranean so diverse? With coastlines on three continents, the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. As a result, it’s a bewitching palette of cultures and terrains.

It’s tricky to choose highlights, but we can’t resist the idyllic Amalfi coast in Italy or the hedonistic indulgence of Monaco and the French Riviera. Greece unfurls secrets of mankind’s earliest civilisations, while Croatia’s formidable walls hide gothic towns, teeming with history.


The best of the Mediterranean, handpicked by us.

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean way of life with our selection of photographic highlights. Will you prefer Barcelona’s Gaudí masterpieces, or Italy’s grand Renaissance frescoes?

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  • Dubrovnik's Old Town pier.
  • Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Small port in the centre of Montenegro.
  • Positano on Italy's Amalfi Coast.
  • The classic blue domes of Oia, Santorini.
  • View of beautiful Valencia, Spain.


The best time to visit the Mediterranean, with Celebrity Cruises.

Summer is the busiest time in the Mediterranean, and the weather can reach very high temperatures. For a quieter and more comfortable experience, take a Mediterranean cruise between May and June or September and October. During these months, temperatures remain high, but the tourist crowds will be fewer. Between November and February, the weather becomes a lot cooler and wetter.

There are plenty of events and festivals taking place in the region to mark on your calendar. The Festa del Redentore happens in Venice and dates back to the 1500s as a way to give thanks for the end of the plague. July sees boats cluster in the lagoons, from which revellers can eat, drink and watch the impressive firework display.



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