Book With Confidence


During uncertain times add an extra level of reassurance when you book your holiday with our “Book with Confidence” commitment. 

You can book early safe in the knowledge that you have the flexibility to amend your sailing, should you wish to.

Feel confident in your choice of holiday, when you book by 18 November 2019 you can change or amend your booking free of change until the end of the year. 

T&Cs apply


Guests who book early not only get the benefit of savings and added-value offers, but also have the flexibility to change their booking to a future sailing free of charge. 

Book by 18 November 2019.

Make amend/change booking before 31 December 2019.


Feedback from guests has told us that they would like more flexibility built into their booking as a benefit to their early custom, and we are happy to provide that. We want guests to feel confident about the holiday choice and the commitment they have made.

The offer is great news for guests, especially in uncertain times. We want people to take advantage of our fabulous savings, but know booking early can seem like a big commitment for some people. Book with Confidence adds extra flexibility and reassurance that they can alter their holiday plans without incurring additional charges.


The promotion applies to sailings between 01April 2020 to 30 April 2021.