The Galàpagos Islands are like nowhere else on earth, and Celebrity Cruises are one of only a few cruise lines to offer all-inclusive cruises here. Join us in the Galàpagos for holiday of a lifetime.


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Celebrity Flora - Brand New In The Galapgos

Designed specifically for the Galapagos, our newest ship Celebrity Flora showcases these incredible islands like never before.

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*Selected sailings on eligible staterooms. T&Cs apply.


Find out what's included in our all inclusive Galapagos cruises.

When you join us on a voyage of discovery in the Galapagos Islands, we provide everything you'll need. Meals? Check. Drinks? Absolutely. Tips? We've got them covered. Your cruise is truly all inclusive so you can relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings on your holiday of a lifetime.

  • CRUISE: 7 Night Galapagos cruise
  • DINING: Gourmet dining onboard featuring locally sourced cuisine from Michelin star chef
  • BEVERAGES: Drinks onboard including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, teas and bottled water
  • SHORE EXCURSIONS: Twice-daily expedition team guided shore landings and excursions
  • WIFI: Complimentary WiFi access (service may be limited)
  • GRATUITIES: Tips/gratuties are included in the cost of your cruise 
  • GALAPAGOS FEES: Galapagos National Park entrance fee and Galapagos Tourist Card fee
  • COMPLIMENTARY USE OF EQUIPMENT: Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, mini wetsuits, binoculars and walking sticks
  • STATEROOM AMENITIES: Premium bedding and stateroom amenities on all ships and complimentary room service upon request
  • EXPERT ADVICE: A Galapagos National Park certified Expedition Leader, naturalist staff and expedition guides, plus daily naturalist briefings and Galapagos expert lectures onboard your ship
  • MEET & GREET: Galapagos Meet & Greet service by Celebrity Naturalist


Upgrade your 7 night Galapagos cruise to a Galapagos Package of 10+ nights, and you'll enjoy all Galapagos 7 night cruise inclusions, plus:

  • FLIGHTS: Round-trip flights between Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
  • TRANSFERS: All tour connecting airfare transfers within/between Ecuador and Peru; all tour transfers to/from ship, hotels and airports; and Meet & Greet services at all in-destination airports for transfers and tours
  • HOTELS: Luxury hotel and ship accommodations throughout with VIP check-in and check-out at all hotels
  • TOURS & EXCURSIONS: Multiple fully-escorted and immersive tours and excursions in each location visited, and all tour entrance fees
  • LUGGAGE SERVICE: In-destination luggage service including compliance with mandatory Galapagos agricultural inspection
  • CONCIERGE SERVICE: Celebrity Concierge Service/tour escort throughout your journey


What the Galapagos has to offer.

This remote and mysterious volcanic archipelago of islands is renowned as one of the best places in the world for wildlife viewing. It’s also one of the last unspoilt destinations on earth, with an overwhelming number of rare and endemic plant and animal species.

Each stop will reveal new enchantments, from the prehistoric land iguanas nestling on Dragon Hill to flamingos in the hypersalinic lagoon. Santa Cruz is the most populated island in the archipelago and is home to Tortuga Bay, where iguanas and sea turtles are known to cluster. 

What’s more, your Galapagos cruise is all-inclusive – we provide virtually everything you need including snorkelling equipment, meals, drinks and shore excursions. Our experts also offer educational talks onboard to help you learn more about the fascinating wildlife you’ll come across.

Savings on Galapagos Cruises

Incredible savings on Galapagos cruises and fly/cruise packages when you book an eligible stateroom on select sailings. Offer ends 31 October 2019.*

*Selected sailings on eligible staterooms. T&Cs apply.

Galapagos FAQs

Answering your questions about the Galapagos.

Here, we answer all of your need-to-know questions about the mysterious Galápagos Islands, from which language the inhabitants speak to which ship we’ll be sailing on.

The Galápagos is a truly unique destination with incredible biodiversity; a place where animals call the shots and human interference is kept strictly to the minimum. Nature-lovers will love the sheer number of rare and endemic species as well as the natural wonders waiting to be discovered. The islands also had a significant impact on Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection.

The Galápagos Islands are remote and tricky to navigate- but on a cruise, you’ll experience all of the most fascinating and enchanting aspects of this destination with minimum effort. Onboard experts are on hand to answer your wildlife questions and give presentations on what you can expect. As one of the only cruise lines to offer all-inclusive cruises, you can enjoy the ultimate luxury onboard following your daytime explorations. You’ll sail onboard one of our smaller ships, for a more intimate feel.

The main attraction of the Galápagos Islands is wildlife viewing. Look out for species such as the marine iguana, Galápagos penguin, whale shark and green sea turtle. You can also go hiking in Galápagos National Park, or go snorkelling on one of the many beaches. 

Depending on the season you're visiting in, layers are essential, as the weather can be unpredictable. Take along some quality hiking shoes as well as waterproofs and a backpack for any daytime adventures. Don't forget your camera for those all-important wildlife shots and some swimwear.

Unlike the rest of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands observe GALT (Galápagos Time), which is UTC-6.

Galápagos cuisine contains many elements of Ecuadorian cooking, and seafood is high on the menu. The most common dish is ceviche, which combines fish with seafood and lime juice. Dishes are traditionally fresh, simple and flavourful.

The Galápagos archipelago is generally considered a safe place to visit.

The official language of Ecuador and the Galápagos is Spanish, but you’ll also find that English is widely spoken. 

Typically, the Galápagos Islands have two distinct seasons – cool and dry between June and November, and wet and warmer between December and June. The warm season tends to be the best time to visit, as the sea is calmer and you'll enjoy better underwater visibility during those diving and snorkelling trips.

Wildlife is present on the Galápagos all year-round, but what species you'd like to see will dictate the month you visit.  In June, you'll have a good chance of spotting humpback whales, while May is when the rare blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dances. In December, the hatching season begins for Giant Tortoises.  


The best of the Galapagos, handpicked by us.

Discover the best of the Galapagos Islands, from enchanting wildlife to spectacular landscapes.

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  • View of Two Beaches on Bartolome Island
  • A Turtle in the Turquoise waters of the Galapagos.
  • Blue footed booby at Punta Pitt
  • The colony of Sea Lions at Gardner Bay on Espanola Island
  • South Plaza - Galapagos Islands
  • Sally Lightfoot Crab on Lava Rock



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